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Traditional family business

Family Oberlohr

Since 1983, Hans Oberlohr has been managing the Lucknerhaus with his wife Marianne.

All our children are part of the family business:

Isabella, Kathrin, and Christina with families

Our family name „Oberlohr“ ...

Goes back to the year 1685. The name is linked to Andreas Oberlohr, who was born on February 9th, 1685.
He founded a farm and named it “Luckner”. The local name “Luckner” comes from the fact that this farm was close to the “Lucken” (a narrow cart passage).
The farm was passed down from father to son in numerous generations and thus received the coveted bronze plaque with the designation “Erbhof”. Today, the farm ­­– including the Lucknerhütte ­­– is managed by Florian Oberlohr and his family. The Lucknerhof was also the foundation for today’s Lucknerhaus property.

With the historic first ascent...

…of the Grossglockner from Kals, in 1855 under the local guidance of the alpine guides Georg Rangetiner, and Johann Huter, the dairymaid of the Luckneralm at 2,205 m in the Ködnitztal provided milk, butter, and bread. It was the beginning of tourism on a comparatively modest scale, which then slowly developed and expanded.

1950, construction of the Lucknerhaus

With the development of the south side of the Grossglockner and the construction of the Lucknerhütte, various other alpine residences were built. For example, the neighboring Stüdel and Glorerhütte and the Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte known as the Adlersruhe. The construction of the Lucknerhaus began with the building permit of October 30th, 1950.

After three years of handcrafted construction...

…the Lucknerhaus was finished. Back then it consisted of a guest room, nine double rooms, and two dormitories with 20 beds. The builder-owners were Oberlohr Josef with his three sons. One of them, Sebastian Oberlohr, was the senior boss until 1983. He then handed over to Hans Oberlohr, who is running the Lucknerhaus with his family till that day.

In the beginning, the Lucknerhaus was...

… only accessible via a horse-drawn track, which was constructed with shovels and spades. In 1955, the track was enlarged and a trail for Jeeps from Kals to the Ködnitztal was built. This allowed a rather comfortable journey for both, the mountaineers who wanted to climb the Grossglockner, as well as the guests of our house.

Kalser Glocknerstraße (Kalser Glocknerroad)

In the year 1980, after nearly three years of construction, the new Kalser Glocknerstrasse was opened. Soon an extension of the Lucknerhaus was established. Due to the excellent development in the summer as well as in the winter, several extensions followed. Additionally, the rooms were rebuilt and showers, toilettes, and later a sauna, and a steam bath were added. In the large, homely, rustically furnished rooms with modern comfort, you can enjoy the well-known Tyrolean hospitality in a cultivated, family-like atmosphere.

Power supply

The house’s power supply by house-owned hydropower plants goes back to the year 1943. During these times, the first hydropower plant (15 KW DC) was built under difficult economic conditions to power the Luckneralm at 2205 m. In the year 1953, a second hydropower plant was built at the Medelbach to power the newly built Lucknerhaus. Soon, both hydropower plants were too small, and therefore a new and bigger hydropower plant was built in 1978.

By running the Lucknerhaus also during winter times, the energy consumption increased. To cover this additional power consumption and to feed surplus electricity into the public grid, two new hydropower plants were built in the year 1998. The first one was constructed at the Medelbach above the existing one, and the second one at the Ködnitzbach below the first one. The overall power was increased to 900 KW.

We recognized several years ago that generating energy from renewable hydropower is the energy of the future. So, we came up with the idea of planning a new, larger hydropower plant on the Ködnitzbach. The new power plant “Unterstufe 3”, below the two existing ones, was commissioned on July 10th 2007 and has a power output of 1800 KW.


The long-standing tradition is our obligation but at the same time, it is also a daily challenge, especially when it comes to our own well-being and the inseparable well-being of our guests, who are always welcome.

Family Hans and Marianne Oberlohr with employees