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Powder snow and firn

The paradise of ski touring

At the base of Grossglockner

Starting point for wonderful ski tours in the Hohe Tauern National Park.

The Lucknerhaus is ideal for tours into the Glockner and Schober mountain groups. Ascents, such as the Figerhorn, the Romariswandkopf, the Weissen Knoten, the Gridenkarköpfe to the Böse Weibele or the magnificent tour to Grossglockner, magically attract hundreds of ski tourers and snowshoe hikers annually.

View from the Lucknerhaus to the Grossglockner

Foto: (c) German Adventurer

Not without reason: stunning and impressive views, fantastic and snow-covered descents in a breathtaking winter landscape guarantee outdoor fun.

Tour tips

Selected tours

Greiwiesen - Figerhorn (2.744 m)

Starting point approx. 1km below the Lucknerhaus, parking is possible next to the road.

Ascent time 1 ½ to 2 hours, 667 meters in altitude.

Two rather steep turns before the Lucknerhaus, a forest path branches off on the left-hand side and leads up to the Greiwiesen. Keep right, over moderately steep terrain up to the Figerhorn. Ascent over the western ridge – the final slope is steep. Mountainside only passable in good conditions. The tour is accessible almost all winter.

Glorerhütte - Berger Törl (2.651m)

Starting point Lucknerhaus 1,920m, Glocknerwinkel  car park.

Ascent time 1 ½ to 2 hours, 731 meters in altitude.

 From the Parking lot at the Lucknerhaus along the summer path in serpentines upwards onto a flat surface. Keep left upwards and then to the right around a ridge. After a shelter hut (Zerodenhütte) uphill wide snowfields, crossing a small mountain saddle to the large ground (Medelebene). Over the last troughs up to the Glorerhütte. Here you can also continue to Glatz Schneid, Medelsattel or Weisser Knoten.

Böses Weibel (3.121m)

A prime ski mountain in our region

Starting point Lucknerhaus 1,920m, Glocknerwinkel car park.

Ascent time 4 to 5 hours, 1,201 meters in altitude.

From the Lucknerhaus 300m to the east, the path leads to the Niggleralm – from there over steep steps into the ditch of the Peischlachbach – up to the Peischlachtörl at 2,490m. From there via the right ascent around the Felskopf (2,512m) and over the clearly visible ridge in a south-southwest direction. Over the last rather steeper summit slope in a mountain saddle and over the south grade up to the summit. Descent as well as ascent also into the Kalser Lesachtal possible.

Großglockner (3.798m)

From the south on Austria’s highest peak.

Ascent time approx. 7 to 8 hours, 1,880 meters in altitude, high alpine tour.

Ascent from the Lucknerhaus into the valley to Lucknerhütte and on towards Stüdlhütte. Reach altitude 2,600m, leave the valley floor, and cross the slopes below the Ködnitzkees, keeping slightly right. Go in a slight curve over the Ködnitzkees until below the rock ridge, which leads to Adlersruhe. Ski depot is at 3,300m. The left mountainside leads directly to Glocknerleitl, but is only accessible under safe conditions. Normal route leads directly to the Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte (Adlersruhe) 3,454m. The last stretch to the hut is done without skis. Now the normal summer path over the Glocknerleitl with the Kleinglockner to the summit can be followed.

Griedenkarköpfe (3020m / 3031m)

Starting point Lucknerhaus 1,920m, Glocknerwinkel car park.

Ascent time 3 ½  hours, 1,100 meters in altitude.

From the Lucknerhaus as described above on Peischlachtörl (route Böses Weibel) – up to the Peischlachkesselkees to the Biwakschachtel – from there over to easy ridge course in a northerly direction to the Griedenkarköpfen. Descent over the wide flank between the Griedenkarköpfen to the Peischlachtörl, continue along the ascent route to the Lucknerhaus. Demanding alpine ski tour.

Teufelskamp (3.503m) - Romariswand (3.508m)

Starting point Stüdlhütte.

Ascent time 2 to 2 ½  hours, 700 meters in altitude.

 After ascending to the Schere (3,015m), the path runs over the Teischnitzkees left below the Luisengrat in the direction of the Glocknerwand. Below Glocknerwand continue on the left to Teufelskamp, approx. 2 hours. In extension, the path continues via the Fruschnitzkees to the Romariswand, aprrox. ¾ hours. Moderately difficult high-alpine tour crossing a glacier.

Roundtour: Stüdlhütte - Burgwartscharte - Leitertal - Glorerhütte (Bergertörl) - Lucknerhaus

Day tour with 1,500 meters in altitude.

The route leads below and past the Schere to the Ködnitzkees. Cross the glacier, and continue to the Blauköpfe. The first mountain saddle that can be reached on skis on the ridge between Blauköpfe and Adlersruhe is the Burgwartscharte (3,015m). The first descent runs over a short, steep channel, then over gentle valley floors to the Leiterbach, on the right below the Salmhütte. At an altitude of approx. 2,300m, the ascent begins over the Glatz plateau to the Glorerhütte on the Bergertörl (2,642m). The second descent leads to the Lucknerhaus (1,920m), through the Ködnitztal, past the Lucknerhütte to the starting point of the tour (descent as in tour: Glorerhütte). It is a demanding tour and requires good physical condition.

High Tyrol ski route

The queen of alpine ski tours

An impressive ski high mountain crossing with the most beautiful and stunning peaks of the Easter Alps – including the Grossvenediger (3,674m) and the Grossglockner (3,798m).

 The Hoch-tyrol ski route is a high mountain ski route in the Eastern Alps, which leads from Kasern in South Tyrol through the fascinating summit and glacier landscapes of the Venediger area to the Grossglockner, Austria’s highest mountain, and ends in the East Tyrolean Glocknerdorf Kals.

This 6-day tour requires a good level of fitness, however, it rewards you with a 3,000m peak every day.