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The Ködnitztal…

The Hohe Tauern can be described as Austria’s roof. From a fabulous sea of high peaks, Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner with its 3,798m, rises into the sky. When being in the Ködnitztal, it feels like the Glockner is close enough to touch. Mighty alpine ibexes, marmots, and golden eagles can be spotted easily and, with a bit of luck, photographed.

Nevertheless, the main actor within this scenery is the mighty and massive Grossglockner, which can be reached from the Lucknerhaus. Passing the Luckner- and Südlhütte, you can reach the peak of Austria’s highest mountain by using the normal ascent via the Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte or via the more challenging Stüdlgrad.

Lucknerhaus car park. Your perfect starting point for fantastic hikes in the Ködnitztal.

(c) TVB Osttirol. Peter Maier

On hikes and mountain tours within the wonderful landscape of the Grossglockner, one does indeed feel closer to the sky.

Besides a diverse hiking offer, you can expect warm hospitality as well as a rustic cottage feeling in the Ködnitztal.

Tour tips

Selected Tours

Ködnitztal circular hiking path with educational trail “Glocknerspur – BergeDenken”

Walking time approx. 1 hour

The starting point is the car park at the end of the Kalser Glocknerstrasse. The circular hiking trail, which can particularly be recommended for families, is designed with interesting boards and exhibits. It leads past the idyllically situated Ködnitzkirchl and some alpine huts. With the Grossglockner constantly in view, you can reach the Groderebene in about 30 minutes; from there on the opposite side of the river, you can return back to the starting point or to the Lucknerhaus

Lucknerhaus - Lucknerhütte (2241 m) - Stüdlhütte (2802 m)

Walking time 2 ½ hours

 With the Grossglockner constantly in view, the AV-Weg 702 B leads from the Lucknerhaus through the Ködnitztal, which has a very caried landscape (it is possible to see chamois and ibex) to the Lucknerhütte (2241m), which can be easily reached after about an hour. A well-developed path leads from the Lucknerhütte further up to the Viehboden (Johann-Stüdl-Weg junction) and to the Stüdlhütte (2,802m).

Lucknerhaus - Glorerhütte (2642 m, on the Bergertörl)

Walking time approx. 2 hours

A worthwhile, not strenuous and therefore also recommended for older hikers hut tour, which mostly runs through beautiful, not steep mountain meadows. A little above the hut you have a beautiful panoramic view of the mountain groups of Venediger, Granatspitz, Großglockner, and Sonnblick.

Lucknerhaus - Greiwiesen - Burg

Walking time approx. 2 ½ to 3 hours

The easiest way is to go from the Lucknerhaus to the Greiwiesen, where you can enjoy wonderful alpine flora and the view of the Kalser Tal from the high meadows. This path can also be used as a circular hike with a descent to Kals/Burg. From there, we recommend taking the bus back to the Lucknerhaus.

Lucknerhaus - Greiwiesen - Figerhorn (2744 m)

Walking time approx. 2 ½ to 3 hours

From the Lucknerhaus you can take the path to the Greibühel (2,247 m) on the Greiwiesen. There is a turn-off to the Figerhorn, the summit which can be reached via a steep ascent in the last section. The descent must be done along the same path. Hiking the Figerhorn requires sure-footedness and is only recommended when the weather is nice.

Eagle Trail

Go where the eagle flies!

Our house is on Eagle Trail (Adlerweg) stage 9.

The eagle is adventurous, just like the Eagle Trail. In the high alpine mountain world, close to the sky, it runs from East to West of Tyrol. The course of the path resembles an eagle’s silhouette with widely spread wings.


Alpine experience, sure-footedness, and a head for heights are the requirements for many stages of this challenge: 320 kilometers of hiking between the Wilder Kaiser and Arlberg, 24 daily stages from easy to difficult, from lively to extremely exhausting. 23,000 meters uphill, 20,000m downhill.


The Eagle Trail in East Tyrol is shorter, but just as adventurous and demanding: 9 stages between the Venediger and the Grossglockner, 93 kilometers long, approx. 8,000 meters uphill and almost as many downhill. Countless steps, hundreds of peaks, thousands of stunning views.


The Glocknercrown (Glocknerkrone) – the new high trail in Kals

The crown suits you

Whatever motivation drives you: Whether you want to “free yourself from your daily life”, are in search of a new goal to redefine your limits, or if you are urging to immerse yourself in a breath-taking nature for a few days – the Glocknerkrone makes it possible. Our new high trail in Kals leads you to 6 stages (intermediate – challenging) through a sea of popular peaks in the Eastern Alps, ancient, mountainous cultural landscapes, and the solitude of the Hohe Tauern National Park. You get to: the Edelweißwiese, the Kraftplatz Spinewitrol, and the mountain group of Granatspitz, Glockner, and Schober (all three with spacious alpine pastures, similar to a Tibetan high valley). Rarely you will find such a trail that crosses all vegetation zones. Lush flower meadows, high alpine pastures, barren areas, and scree fields above the tree line reaching to the glacier ice will leave you speechless. With the targeted selection of well-maintained hiking trails from the Alpine Clubs and the Tourism Association of East Tyrol in our Glocknerdorf Kals, we have succeeded in being able to offer a high-quality long-distance hiking trail. Our excellently managed huts have also played a crucial part in this.


The hut as a jewel

Every mountain shelter contributes a story to the overall Glocknerkrone experience; thus, every hut can be considered as a jewel of the Glocknerkrone. The starry sky above the Sudetendeutsche Hütte, the Kalser Tauernhaus (which is an important base for crossing the Tauern), the Lucknerhütte (which is the focus of the tour and spoils its guests with valuable amenities such as luggage transport, and the Glorerhütte (with its unique geology and newly built Glödis Refugium). Along the way, you will also come across the Äußere Steiner Alm, the Bergalm, the Stüdlhütte, and the Salmhütte, where you can strengthen yourself during your hike. Important note: There are two variants directly from Kals to the Sudetendeutsche Hütte, which are marked as black paths. You can strengthen yourself and relax in the Eagle’s Lounge or the Kals-Matreier-Törl house, in order to master the key section of the variant, the area of the Dürrenfelscharte.

This long-distance hiking trail tops your wish list and is in no way inferior, in terms of euphoria and fascination, to a summit ascent of the Grossglockner.


The ascent is possible for all stages or the stages can also be planned individually. Hints on amenities such as luggage transport, free parking spaces, and shuttle service can be found here: